Four top tips on how to lose weight safely for Summer (and beyond)

Four top tips on how to lose weight safely for Summer (and beyond).png

Summer is often a time when people pay more attention to their bodies and maybe even feel a little self-conscious about how they look.

We know more than ever that carrying too much body fat and living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to many lifestyle diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. 

There is such a lot of conflicting information out there on how to lose weight, but Isle Lose It's message is the same now as it was when we first launched back in 2010.

Here are my top tips of losing weight for summer (and beyond):

1. Remove temptation - Start by using up or throwing away any of the foods you’ll need to
avoid from your fridge or larder. This is a great time to have people round for dinner!

Restock your kitchen with healthy nutritious foods and avoid buying anymore processed foods or products that contain refined sugars. In other words, go ‘back to nature’ with your food.

2. Be realistic – most people tend to try to do everything at once when it comes to losing
weight and put themselves under way too much pressure. 

My advice here is to take one step at a time. Set yourself some targets for nutrition and
exercise that you know you will reach. It is far better to take one step towards permanently changing your lifestyle than to take five steps forward and four steps back because you were overambitious to start with. Even making small dietary changes can be quite stressful to begin with, so don’t add to your stress by expecting too much from yourself and then failing to meet your targets.

Another important thing to remember is that as you make more lean muscle, you may not lose much ‘weight’ according to the scales. This is because lean muscle is heavier than the fat you burn off. However, you WILL lose inches since muscle is more compact than fat.

3. Stay hydrated – This is one of the simplest but most important and effective pieces of advice I can share with you.           

Not only is it very unhealthy to allow the body to become dehydrated, but it also puts a stop to any fat burning processes that would otherwise be taking place if the body were fully hydrated. This is due to the rise of our internal stress mechanisms which makes fat burning very difficult to achieve.   Filtered water is best if possible.                                                                                  

On rising, drink 1 pint of room temperature water, then sip throughout the day. Try not to drink anything for about 20 minutes before you eat, during your  meal or for the 20 minutes post meal. This will help aid digestion by allowing your own digestive enzymes and juices to work efficiently. As tea and coffee act as diuretics always make sure you drink extra water to allow for this. Maybe look at cutting down on the amount of tea and coffee you drink and try herbal tea instead.

4. Move more – Taking part in some regular, consistent exercise is so important. Depending on the type of exercise you chose to do, this will encourage your body to burn fat whilst helping to build lean muscle. The type of exercise we do here at Isle Lose It is called HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training and research shows that this style of exercise is much more efficient at burning body fat than other types of training.                                                                             

But moving isn’t just about structured exercise sessions.  Most people need to move more daily. 

Walking is such a lovely relaxing past time and really helps to lower stress levels. In fact, incorporating any movement that is gentle and restorative is great for our mental health, well-being and helps the fat burning process too.

 I hope you find these tips useful and more important, doable!

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Have a great summer and stay healthy!