I don't have a '6 pack' and I don't care!

For many women, negative body image can be a real issue. 

For most of my teens right up into my late thirties/early forties, I struggled probably more than most. 

It's no secret that I suffered from the eating disorder Bulimia throughout my twenties; a very dark and disturbing time. 

I'm now 51 and as you can see from the pic, my body is far from perfect! As with all things, there's always room for improvement but I have found a balance between hard work and eating right and lazy days and having treats 🥂. 

I dont have a '6 pack' but I don't care!!

What I do care about is my health and how I feel on a daily basis. 

I don't take any prescription drugs and I seem to be managing my menopause just fine. 

I try to eat a healthily most of the time but my diets far from perfect.

I take regular exercise but also enjoy my lazy days. 

I have finally stopped comparing myself to other women and haven't weighed myself or counted calories in over a decade.

Looking after yourself needn't be expensive, time consuming or complicated but there's so much information out there, it can be difficult knowing where to start or how to find your own balance. 

Changing your lifestyle is all about baby steps.

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IIt won't be time consuming or confusing, I promise.