6 ways to avoid the January bloat

So here we are - silly season is upon us!

Don't get me wrong, I like to let my hair down as much as the next person but NOT at the cost of the average 10lbs weight gain that a large percentage of the UK population will endure.

Nope. Sorry, that is not for me. 

For one thing, that kind of weight gain would take me months to shift. 

For a second, I do not intend on heading into January feeling bloated, lethargic and rubbish. 

Nope. Sorry that is definitely not for me. 

So how can you do both over Xmas - how can you have a great time AND prevent a huge weight gain?

Well sticking to the BASICS during silly season will definitely help - here are 6 of my tips for avoiding the January bloat:

6 ways to avoid the January bloat.jpg
  1. Stay hydrated, especially if you are going to be drinking a lot of alcohol. Go out hydrated and drink some water before you go to bed, then make sure the next day, you hydrate well again.
  2. Get moving - get out walking over the holidays. Great for stress management and it might help with that hangover!
  3. Eat your greens! Xmas is the perfect time to do this actually - lots of sprouts with Xmas dinner :)
  4. Get some early nights here and there especially after a run of late ones.
  5. Have a couple of alcohol free days (do your liver a favor) 
  6. Get some exercise done - we don't finish camp officially until 15th Dec and then there are some FREE sessions on Monday 18th at 06.15am and 6.30pm and Wednesday 20th at 06.15am and 6.30pm. We'll be back after the Christmas break on the 8th January. 

See all of our camp dates here

So, Damage Limitation all the way peeps - January is hard enough without added weight to weigh you down (see what I did there :))