Fallen of the wagon?


Fallen off the wagon and feel like a failure (again)? 

Maybe this will help...

I am sure you have head the phrase 'fallen of the wagon' many times before and perhaps even used it yourself. 

You see, when you 'go on a diet',  what generally happens is (and I am talking from experience
here) you eat virtually nothing from Monday to Friday and 'beast' yourself during your training
sessions. NOTHING 'bad' shall pass your lips every again - THIS IS IT THIS TIME! 

Whilst this new found motivation might last a week or so (at the most), sooner or later (for most of us) the restriction and pressure placed on us by trying to adhere to said 'diet' is WAY to much and we 'fall of the wagon' once more - that one bag of crisps turns into two, turns into crisps and chocolate, turns into a take-out - and on we go.


'Well I have blown it now.'


"Well I have blown it now, so I may as well stuff my face for the rest of the week and start again on Monday"

Ever Said that? I know I have.

Let's get real here. 

Thinking that you can give up everything you love to eat, and drink FOREVER is simply not realistic. 

You have a life right? You want to go out and enjoy yourself, and quite right too. 

So how do you do both? How do you stay on track whilst occasionally deviating without totally messing the whole thing up? 

Here are a few ideas that might help: 

  • Stop dieting and start eating for your health
  • Think about your goals LONG TERM (What's the rush?) 
  • Plan a weekly 'chat meal' and/or a 'cheat' snack - GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to come off plan and DON'T feel guilty about it. 
  • Make sure that you get back on plan at the very first opportunity you have (don't leave it till the following Monday!) 
  • Understand and accept that it's not what you do every now and then that matters, it's what you do EVERY DAY that counts. 

Set yourself free from the dieting mentality.