How to manage food cravings

When we crave certain foods, it’s your body trying to tell you something! So, do you listen to your body, or do you give in and reach for that family size slab of chocolate without a second thought?

In today’s blog, we look at cravings for sugar and carbs and chocolate.



  • Sugar and carbs

White varieties of carbohydrates and refined sugar can quickly disrupt blood sugar levels and give rise to a nightmare of sugar spikes, crashes and cravings. Try swapping sugary treats for a protein bar. Many are low in sugar and have good quality soya, pea or hemp protein which helps to blunt the response of sugar. Cinnamon and chromium are also nice additions to your diet as they can help increase the sensitivity of insulin and balance blood sugar levels.

  • Chocolate

As someone who has in the past suffered from pretty horrendous chocolate cravings, I know how hard this one can be to manage. As well as seeking comfort and sweetness, craving chocolate could be sign of magnesium deficiency. Cocoa beans are particularly rich in this essential mineral.

I have found that having a square or two of really dark chocolate (anything 70% or over) has really satisfied my cravings. It is richer in antioxidants and often lower in sugar than milk chocolate. Even better (if you can resist something sweet) try a handful of magnesium-rich pumpkin seeds instead.

In my next blog, we will explore salt and cheese cravings and I will give you a couple of top tips to help with them too!