Big Weight Loss Mistakes that you could be making #3

I believe in helping people to create a lifestyle that has HEALTH as its absolute number one priority because - with HEALTH comes FAT LOSS. 

When it comes to getting healthy and getting into great shape, there are 3 main mistakes that are holding people back from getting the results that they want.

See my previous article for #1 Eating less and Exercising More and #2 Exercising Longer and More Often.

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The 3rd mistake that I come across is when people who are trying to lose weight ‘wage war’ on
themselves in order to achieve their goals. By ‘wage war’ what I mean is that losing weight becomes almost a punishment; cutting calories to barely nothing, over exercising and generally being way to hard on themselves.

Whilst having a plan is a good idea, being too strict with yourself and trying to do everything all at once can often backfire leaving you feeling 'hangry', lethargic, sluggish and fed up.
I think it is worth bearing in mind that when you are trying to lose weight and become a healthier version of yourself, that is something to be very proud of and something to feel good about.

Try not to ‘wage war’ against that precious body of yours.

Instead, treat it with love and respect with nutritious foods, and a well-balanced exercise
programme that offers expert advice, support and consistency.

In other words, for lifelong results, work WITH your bodies natural processes and not against them