Big Weight Loss Mistakes that you are making #2

I believe 100% wholeheartedly in helping people to create a lifestyle that has HEALTH as its absolute number one priority because - with HEALTH comes FAT LOSS. 

When it comes to getting healthy and getting into great shape, there are 3 main mistakes that are holding people back from getting the results that they want.

See my previous article for #1 Eating less and Exercising More

Another common myth is that you should exercise for longer and more often to get results.

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As with dieting, this works against the bodies natural processes.

Exercise needs to be balanced so there is just enough of it, but not too much; too little and you will see no results, but too much will stress the body and disrupt metabolism. This approach can set you up for weight regain and more stubborn fat long term.

Training for longer does not mean better results in fact, training for too long and training too much can lead to fat gain and injuries too.

The solution

For fat loss, HIIT style training should be your main focus. HIIT is time effective and when done
correctly and consistently, will deliver not only on fat loss, but on strengthening bones and toning muscles and giving the body a fabulous shape.

Here at Isle Lose It, we encourage all our members to ‘train smart’ and we recommend 3-4 HIIT sessions per week, lasting around 20-25 minutes per session.