How to avoid processed food

Image from The Guardian; 14th Feb 2018

Image from The Guardian; 14th Feb 2018

"Ultra-processed foods may be linked to cancer"

You may have seen this 'revelation' in all the papers last week, and on every TV channel too.

This news is nothing new for Isle Lose It or its members or all the hundreds of people who have been through our bespoke program of nutrition and exercise. 

I wrote Isle Lose It's first ever nutrition program back in 2009.

One of the key pieces of information in the program was the effect that processed foods have on people's health and why we need to stop eating it. 

That was 9 years ago, and some people thought that I had actually gone mad.

Seems however that I was on to something :)

Our current nutrition plan also recommends that you should give up or at least limit the amount of processed food that you and your family eat. It also offers alternatives and ongoing support to make the necessary changes to your diet throughout your time with us. 

According to a survey conducted by The Guardian, "Ultra-processed foods include pot noodles, shelf-stable ready meals, cakes and confectionery which contain long lists of additives, preservatives, flavourings and colourings – as well as often high levels of sugar, fat and salt. They now account for half of all the food bought by families eating at home in the UK"

So, if health is your number one priority (and why wouldn't it be) and you need help changing your lifestyle to a more natural, healthy one, then we would love to hear from you.