Why can't I stick to a diet?

Dieting is a hot topic. 

Sticking to a diet is fraught with complications; How much should I eat? What should I eat? What can I eat? What is my daily calorie allowance? 

Just saying the words

"I am going on a diet" can cause our stress levels to rise and our cravings for all the things we are trying to give up to rise considerably. 

Calorie counting, counting macros, fasting, juicing, detoxing.....where do you start??

For me the simplest most uncomplicated place to start is to understand and appreciate that what we eat impacts not just on how we look but on how we sleep, how we exercise/recover from exercise, how we manage stress, how we avoid/recover from illnesses and how we feel on a day to day basis. 

Sadly we are still being repeatedly told by the mass media that if we just 'eat less and exercise more' we will lose weight forever. 

If only it were that simple. 

I would suggest you EAT MORE of the good stuff and less of the not so good stuff. 

There is absolutely no need to complicate matters.

Here at ILI we don't have a diet plan. 

We have a healthy eating plan. 

No fads, no gimmicks and absolutely no calorie or macro counting. 

Next time you eat a meal, take a good look at what is on your plate. 

Is the food in front of you going to benefit you and your health or it is beige, unnatural and unhealthy food that will do nothing for you but add inches to your waistline and make you feel rubbish?

There lies the answer!

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