What does your health have to do with your bank balance?

Whilst attending college this weekend, I heard two really inspirational ladies - we all need a bit of inspiration sometimes, right?  I thought i'd share this with you as it really resonated with me...

So imagine your bank balance is really good...you see a pair of trousers that you want to buy - you can afford it, so you buy it. You're happy. 


Where is the analogy with health? 

Basically, if you continually invest in your health by doing the right things - eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, looking after stress, you're looking after your health 'bank balance'. So when the time comes that you want to eat that pizza, not do exercise it's okay. Your investment in to your health 'bank balance' outweighs what you are taking out. 

If you're exercising on empty - not eating the right food, not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep - your health 'bank balance' will be at zero. 

So top up your health 'bank balance' by eating the right foods most of the time, doing regular exercise and getting sleep and you'e feel happy about the occasional extra calories or missed workout.

Hope that makes sense!