One in three adults are inactive in North Lincolnshire

Last year a shocking report was released announcing that not only are 1 in 3 adults in our area not doing any exercise at all but perhaps even more shocking and worrying is the fact that, and I quote "People in North Lincolnshire also have lower healthy life expectancy than the England average. Healthy life expectancy for males in North Lincolnshire is significantly below the pension age of 65".

I don't know how you feel about those statistics but I find them shocking. 

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As a person who has exercised since being at school, you could say I am biased but seriously, the benefits of taking regular, constructive exercise are well known and apart from the fact that taking part can help keep your weight under control, your BP in check, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps you control appetite, reduces your chance of osteoporosis, relieves depression...(I could go on) it simply makes you feel good!

There is nothing like the 'endorphin rush' that you feel after a really good workout and that in itself is a bit like drug, but a good one. The more you experience the 'feel good factor'  the more you want to experience it again and again. 

Isle Lose It have been helping people experience that very thing and change their lifestyles for the better since 2010, and we are still going strong. 

Our unique no nonsense approach to health fitness is well known, and we continue to offer all our members support and guidance no matter how long they have been with us or their level of ability or level of fitness. 

With 3 - 4 exercises sessions available per week for just 45 minutes each you don't need to spend hours and hours working out, in fact doing so can actually make losing body fat really difficult. 

Our nutrition plan is the easiest plan you will ever follow with NO calorie counting, NO different colored days and NO points or Syns....just real food all of the time. We will help you with meal planning and recipes too. 

Nothing could be simpler to follow and we will be with you every step of the way. 

We understand that change can be scary but you won't be alone. 

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