5 Reasons to drink water first thing in the morning

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If you attend my boot camp or classes you will have often heard me ramble on about the importance of staying hydrated.

"Keys, mobile phone and water bottle"  - make that a daily habit and always have your water with you.  

Turns out that drinking water first thing in the morning can be a huge benefit to your metabolism - speeding it up and increasing energy levels. 

There are 5 very good reasons why YOU should drink more water in general, but especially first thing in the mornings.

1. Digestive Health: 

  • By drinking water first thing, you will help to flush toxins from your stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys. Drinking water first thing will also help you to lower the accumulation of gastric acid in your stomach that can lead to HEART BURN.
  • Water minimizes uric acid in the kidneys and promotes bile production in the liver – preventing kidney stones and gall stones before they start.
  • Too much uric acid in the blood can also lead to gout.
  • Staying properly hydrated also keeps your stools from hardening which avoids constipation while ensuring regular evacuation of the toxic matter in your bowels! 

2. Heart Health: 

  • Another side effect of uric acid build up,  is that it causes platelets in your blood to accumulate plaque on your arterial walls.
  • Atherosclerosis is one of the primary causes of heart attack since the plaque buildup reduces blood flow to the heart.
  • Water not only flushes the excess uric acid, it also lowers sodium content (another bio marker of heart disease) of the blood through urination and sweating which helps to lower blood pressure.

3. Weight Control:

  • Your body can’t always tell the difference between hunger and thirst.
  • By increasing hydration, you not only give your body what it needs in fluids, you also feel more full and tend to eat less.
  • Studies have shown that participants who drank two glasses of water before a meal consumed almost 100 calories less than those who didn’t.
  • They were also more successful at keeping the weight off and some continued to loseweight the year following the study.

4. Increased energy and metabolism

  • By staying hydrated, your body runs more efficiently. Blood production and flow is better, nutrients are broken down more effectively and both fuel and oxygen get to your cells faster.
  • Giving your kidneys enough water lets your liver do its job of converting food to fuel much more efficiently without having to take up the kidneys’ slack.
  • Your liver health is crucial to keeping your metabolism active and regulated.

5. Disease prevention

  • According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, dehydration worsens existing diseases such as asthma, heart disease, dental disease, diabetes and glaucoma. It is even considered a contributing factor to prolonged labor and urinary tract problems. Severe dehydration can lead to organ failure in the brain, heart or kidneys and causes the skin to look older and more sunken :(


If you don't like plain water, try adding some cucumber, or berries, lemon or lime juice. Try to take your water bottle with you wherever you go, it's really important so drink up!

I hope this information encourages you to get drinking the clear stuff. 

Nutrition, ExerciseCaroline Brooks