Getting in shape doesn't have to be torture!

For many years I tried really hard to look 'perfect'. I became obsessed with how I looked and worried constantly about what other people thought of me. This was a very dark time of my life and thankfully a place that I will never be revisiting. 

I was always comparing myself to other women who were slimmer and more beautiful than me (or so I thought) and I associated success and 'likability' with being slim. 

What a waste of time that all was. 

The thing is...doing something to improve your health has got to be better than doing nothing...right? 


If you want to change shape and/or become a healthier person, it is all about balance and not trying to do everything all at once and definitely not trying to be perfect! 

What is perfect anyway? 

It is my personal experience that when we overload ourselves and try to make too many changes all at once, we generally end up giving up simply because we have made change way too hard. 

A more sensible approach would be to work on changing things slowly thus making the whole process more doable and sustainable. No more yo-yo dieting for one thing!

You may have a whole list of things that you want to change - diet, exercise, sleep habits, smoking, drinking etc. 

How about just choosing one of those things this week to focus on? Once you have got that one sorted, choose another and away you go. Small, consistent steps. 

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a healthy body!

Of course if you would like a little help with making some positive changes, why not get in touch?

ExerciseCaroline Brooks