Do Calories really matter?

Do calories really matter when trying to 'lose weight'? 

Well the answer is yes, and no. 

The thing is, we know that the body is not a calculator and that the 'calories in-calories out' equation simply doesn't work. I tracked calories for literally years, sticking to around 1200 per day and NEVER lost any weight. 

High calorie treat

Mindful Eating Means Trusting Your Body

Not a Calculator...

There is more to shifting unwanted body fat than just a basic equation.

Hormones and how your body responds to foods is super important as is your attitude and relationship to food. How your body processes and digests food has also to be considered. 'Weight loss' isn't just about eating less and exercising more. There are so many individual factors that come into play. 

My advice is to: 

  • Focus on the quality of the food you eat. Try to buy local organic foods is you can.
  • Pay attention to portion sizes - you can see if you have too much food on your plate right?
  • Make the bulk of your plate leafy greens and add some healthy starch like root veg, sweet potatoes and lean protein.

It needn't be complicated

Just use your common sense.

Isle Lose It's nutrition programme is simple to follow, doesn't require you to buy any special foods and doesn't require you to calculate calories at all. 

I am currently working on a new programme for Isle Lose It to be launched in 2018 and will see us leading the way once more in moving its members even further away from the dieting mentality and closer to living a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Watch this space!!

NutritionCaroline Brooks